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Zotac GTX 480 Review

Rating: 7.0.

Last September we saw the AMD launch of the Radeon 5000 series and they spent the next six months leading the way in every price point. Sadly they also had to deal with shortages of stock due to 40nm yield issues with TSMC. The other downside for the consumer was that with this lack of competition, prices did not drop.

nVidia were relatively late coming to market, however they have a loyal fanbase who waited patiently on their ‘HD5xxx series beater’ – codenamed FERMI.

As KitGuru only opened a few weeks ago we have been playing a game of ‘catch up’ with all the hardware sitting in our offices. Today we are going to look at the GTX 480 … more specifically the Zotac version of the card. The target? AMD’s high end HD5870. We also include the overclocked XFX HD5870 Black Edition in today’s review.

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  • Terry Luke F

    Heck. the OCed H5870 from XFX really gives it a close call at times. nice review

  • Death Dealer

    Performance of the GTX 480 is impressive but I am concerned about the temps, nice to get another confirmation how hot it runs. you would really need a top top case for this puppy.

  • Eric K

    4 out of 5 seems slightly generous, no? The noise, heat and power requirements alone are mental.

  • Trevor

    Maybe 4/5 is too high, but this audience I dont think care about saving 10 bucks on electric, or dealing with a bit of fan noise, they aint watching movies with this power house.

  • Tres Bien

    They are good cards, but they need new cooling solutions, wont be long before that happens.

  • Sam Sutherland

    Thanks, first one ive seen with the XFX Black edition in the mix. very very close they are too. I think id opt for the HD5870 BE due to the noise reductions and lower power consumption.

  • Joe

    Sam the only issue is people buying these I dont think care about a bit more power consumption and some more noise. The heat is a bit frigthening long term, but it will probably be ok. Could double up in the morning to cook your bacon and eggs too. added bonus 🙂

  • Eric K

    I dont care if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had me tied up in an office with a wet lettuce and a swedish stripper. 90-105c is not good for any electricial component over a year. These will fail, just like the X2s before them did for AMD.

  • Benjamin

    It’s the fastest single chip, but not the fastest single card. The GTX465 and Radeon HD5850 will hit 60fps in most games at 1920×1080. Can’t see a market for the 480/490. But the scores are tasty as much as the card is toasty!

  • Flo

    Wicked review Z, thanks 🙂

  • Geordo

    No doubt its the fastest single core card on the market, but its getting there by really just sucking in as much juice as possible and making a racket while doing it. I have never heard one in person but going on multiple reviews ive read its quite noticeable.

    Still, I wouldnt turn one down, but I still think the 5870 is the card to get. Overall, its quieter, more efficient, clocks well and still gives stonking performance.

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