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Mass Effect 4 may not include shepard’s story

If you were hoping to see Shepard return in some way after the events of Mass Effect 3 then you might be out of luck. In an interview with Complex Magazine, Mass Effect lead writer Mac Walters, talked about plans to move on from the Shepard trilogy completely.

While story details were scarce the writer did give us this: “The idea is that we have agreed to tell a story that doesn't relate necessarily to any of the Shepard events at all, whatsoever,”

Walters went on to explain: “That's what we've been deciding for a while. But throughout it all, one of the key things is that it has to be Mass Effect. It can't just feel like a spin-off. It has to feel like a Mass Effect game at its heart, at its core. Just without the Shepard character or the Shepard specific companions.”


Bioware has a long history when it comes to making great RPG series, they obviously know what they are doing. However, if the follow up were to be set in the future it would be a shame to not acknowledge Shepard's story at all. I find it hard to believe that a universal alliance to stop reapers from destroying all life would get swept under the rug that easily.

KitGuru Says: Mass Effect was a great series and I'm all for moving on to a new story, I'd just appreciate a little nod towards the Shepard series. Keep in mind the game is unlikely to come out soon because Bioware is currently working on next year's Dragon Age game, but maybe after that we'll start hearing more news. What did you guys think of Mass Effect? Would you mind if the Shepard story was entirely forgotten?

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