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Mass Effect Andromeda is heading to EA and Origin Access

If you were patient enough to hold off on Mass Effect Andromeda at launch, then that may pay off for you now. Not only has the game been patched up but now it is also heading to EA Access and Origin Access as part of the vault, meaning you can play through the game at a much lower price.

Bioware announced that it was done patching Andromeda back in August. The game still isn’t quite perfect but many of the bugs and glitches are now fixed. With the game coming to EA Access and Origin Access, subscribers can play the game for as long as they want from start to finish without having to pay the full price of the game.

Aside from Mass Effect, Dead Space 3 is also heading to the Access Vault, capping off the complete trilogy. Finally, EA also has some new ‘Play First’ trials on the way, you will get to play some Star Wars Battlefront II prior to release, there will also be a 10 hour trial for Need for Speed: Payback.

KitGuru Says: Games tend to hit the Access Vault around nine months after release but that timing seems to have been accelerated for Andromeda. Have many of you held off on playing the game? Will you give it a go now that it is part of Origin/EA Access? 

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