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NBA 2K21 gets a next-gen gameplay trailer

Sports games have always been used as graphical showcases for next-generation consoles and that tradition won't be changing as we approach the Xbox Series X and PS5 launch. This week, the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 got its first proper gameplay trailer. 

NBA 2K21 is a somewhat controversial launch title, as the next-gen version will launch with a higher $70 price tag, while the current-gen version launched at the traditional $60 price point. With that aside, the next-gen version of the game is without a doubt the best looking NBA 2K to date:

The trailer footage was captured on a PS5 and if you pay close attention to the crowd, you'll notice a couple of typical NBA 2K glitches, indicating that this is indeed real, live-captured footage. Lighting, textures, animations and facial models have all seen a fidelity boost, giving us a much better look at what to expect compared to the previous, sweaty-Zion filled trailer.

Chances are, gameplay will remain the same across the current and next-gen versions. Although rumour has it that NBA 2K21 is being used as a beta of sorts to gather feedback for the next-gen version. With that in mind, do expect some balance changes and shot-meter tweaks when the new version ships.

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KitGuru Says: NBA 2K21 is looking great on next-gen, but I do wonder why none of these graphical improvements are making it over to the PC version. Perhaps that will change with NBA 2K22 next year. 

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