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Need for Speed reboot is getting a beta

Update: Minutes after this news story was initially published, EA and Ghost Games officially announced that Need for Speed for the PC has been delayed until ‘Spring 2016’. The delay has been partially attributed to unlocking the frame rate. 

Ever since Battlefield 4, EA has been giving its upcoming games more betas. This year, a Need for Speed reboot is on the way and you will be able to try it out a bit early, well as long as you get accepted in to the closed beta. In order to sign up for the Need for Speed beta, you need to head over to the game’s website and sign up. 

Right now, the beta is only listed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the game is releasing on the PC, for reasons unknown the PC is not included in the list of beta platforms.


Registration for the beta closes on Friday the 25th of September, those chosen will then be notified by email and given a code to download the game. The fact that the PC is not listed as a platform is somewhat worrying, especially after Need for Speed Rivals, which was locked at 30 frames per second. Unlocking the frame rate resulted in completely breaking the game.

The final game launches on the 3rd of November for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s being developed by Ghost Games, the same team behind Need for Speed Rivals.
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KitGuru Says: The beta will be kicking off in early October, which is pretty close to the November release date. The lack of beta test on the PC is also a bit concerning, so if you were planning on picking up the new Need for Speed, maybe proceed with caution. 

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