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New Witcher 3 mod takes you to the Devil’s Pit, brings back old characters

The Witcher 3 has had a small modding scene ever since the first mod tools were released. However, the game didn’t quite reach ‘Skyrim’ status when it came to mod support, so things like additional quests, player-made content and new areas weren’t really created. Fortunately, it looks like that is starting to change as over the weekend, ‘Enter the Devil’s Pit’ was announced, a new Witcher 3 mod that adds a new playable area, new items, new NPCs and more.

The Devil’s Pit mod lets players visit an unused area of caverns located at the game’s Devil’s Pit quarry. The mod isn’t finished yet but eventually, there should be a quest and interactions with some of the NPCs found inside. You’ll even recognise a few of the characters from the events of The Witcher 2, as Iorveth and Saskia are inside. Iorveth travelled west in hopes of finding a cure for Saskia. Meanwhile, Saskia is still in a coma following the events of The Witcher 2.

The mod author, ‘Skacikpl’ on NexusMods, notes that not everything is finalised just yet. Interactions with Iorveth and Saskia need to be added, there is missing/unfinished dialogue/lore and items/background NPC placement is still being worked on. You can check out a trailer for the mod below:

So far, this appears to be one of the most comprehensive mods for The Witcher 3 yet. It is partially content restoration but it also adds some new elements to the game. Hopefully this will lead to other content addition mods in the future.

You can find Enter The Devil's Pit on NexusMods.

KitGuru Says: I’ve been jumping back in to The Witcher 3 lately, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this mod turns out once its finished. Do any of you still play The Witcher 3? Have any of you tried out some of the mods?

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