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Ninja Theory’s new game ‘Bleeding Edge’ opens up for alpha testing on PC

Last year, Microsoft began rapidly expanding its number of first-party studios, with Ninja Theory being one of the biggest and most surprising acquisitions. Ninja Theory has a bunch of different projects going on at the moment, one of which is ‘Bleeding Edge’, a brand new multiplayer PvP game. Xbox Insider alpha testing has been going on for a few months now but starting this week, PC gamers will have the chance to join too.

Bleeding Edge is technically a ‘hero’ PvP game. However, unlike Overwatch, Bleeding Edge focuses a lot on high-quality melee gameplay reminiscent of DmC, rather than shooting. So you will be running around pulling off different flashy combos, dodging and dropping special attacks. There is also a mod system in place for hero characters, so you can adjust your build to focus on specific abilities.

If you want to get in on the testing, then you will need to sign up to the Bleeding Edge Insider program and new invites will be sent out periodically. The game features cross-platform multiplayer too, so Xbox and PC players will be combined into one large matchmaking pool.

Alpha tests run on Saturday each week from 7PM to 10PM UK-time. As a tester, you will have access to the private feedback forum, where you can report issues or make suggestions.

KitGuru Says: I’m in the Bleeding Edge insider program myself, so I’m looking forward to trying it on PC for the first time. Are any of you planning on signing up?  

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