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Nintendo may be planning HD remakes of N64 titles

Would you like to see some classic N64 titles remade and put on the Nintendo Eshop? I know some people who still own N64's and other retro consoles and it seems Nintendo knows too. A new rumour going around suggests that Nintendo is working on remaking several classic titles in HD, the remakes will be part of the ‘Reumagined' series for the Wii U.

The first title said to be getting the HD treatment would be Mario 64 with some added features. The game may allow two player co-op with both Mario and Luigi on the screen at the same time along with possible online and racing modes as well. Seeing this extra content would be a step in the right direction as usually when we get a HD remake it is just a graphics upgrade with nothing extra to make it feel like a new game.


The Reumagined series is said to span across seven titles and will cost $30 straight from the eShop, these will only be available on the Wii U. It's possible that the success of Zelda Wind Waker HD has got Nintendo thinking that more HD remakes will help get Wii U consoles into people's homes.


KitGuru Says: This is still just a rumour so take everything with a grain of salt but it would be interesting to see what titles come out and how this would affect Wii U sales. Would you guys be interested in seeing some older games revived for the current generation?

Source: PGN, MNN

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One comment

  1. Thank you for sharing this story and for stating that it is in fact a rumor, for that’s what I labeled it as. If I do receive more concrete information, I will definitely share it…and that goes for both it being proven true or false.

    I personally hope it is the real deal, because it’d be a smart move for Nintendo to make in my opinion. If smaller teams could focus on several month long titles to pump out that are awesome, in between the more grand 2-4 year development games for Wii U, then why not?

    We’ll see how this paves out and hope for the best in the time being. Thanks again.

    – Paul Gale Network