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Nintendo patches Metroid Dread crashing error

While Nintendo’s first party games are usually very polished at release, occasionally bugs do pop up. This has been the case with Metroid Dread, as players discovered a late-game crashing error. Nintendo was quick to acknowledge the bug and provide a temporary workaround, but now the problem has been patched out entirely. 

The issue in question appears near the end of Metroid Dread, where destroying a specific door with a map marker displayed on it will force the game to crash. To get around this, all players needed to do was remove the map marker before destroying the door and after that, the game would continue as normal without crashing.

Of course, this was just a temporary solution. Nintendo began working on fixing this as part of the game's first major patch, which has now begun rolling out to Switch users worldwide. The patch not only fixes this crashing error, but it also fixes “several other issues to improve the overall gameplay experience”.

Metroid Dread is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

KitGuru Says: Have any of you been playing through Metroid Dread since launch? Did you encounter this bug at all? 

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