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Nintendo Switch Online can be paid for with gold points, cloud data removed if sub ends

We are on the eve of Nintendo's Switch Online launch, meaning console owners will need to pay to access multiplayer in most games from tomorrow onwards. The Switch Online service comes with some other benefits to reel people in, although there are some unfortunate setbacks too.

We'll start with the good news first. Whenever you buy a game on the Nintendo Switch eShop, part of the amount spent is given back to you in gold points, which can be used to pay for new games or at the very least, cut some of the price down. Nintendo has announced that these gold points will be usable for the Switch Online subscription, so if you buy games regularly on the console, you may be able to get the service for free.  Gold points can't be used for auto-renewal though, so you'll need to remember to keep re-purchasing.

Now the bad news. One of the biggest benefits of Switch Online is the introduction of cloud saves. This will protect your save files in the event of a console malfunction, or if you need to make room on your Switch but don't want to lose the save file forever.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has revealed that it is “unable to guarantee that cloud save data will be retained” after someone's Switch Online membership ends. Nintendo does note that cloud saves will be retained for a bit, but if you don't resubscribe within a certain, unknown time frame, then those backed up saves will be deleted. Making matters worse is that offline save data backups aren't currently an option on the Switch.

KitGuru Says: I think people would feel better about the cloud save situation if Nintendo revealed how long you can be unsubbed for before losing the data. Are any of you planning to jump in on Switch Online when it launches tomorrow? 

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