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Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate gets new characters, will feature 103 stages and more

At E3 earlier this year, Nintendo dedicated a lot of time to showing off Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Given the amount that was shown at the time, it would have been easy for Nintendo to stay quiet for a bit longer, but it looks like the team is wants to keep raising the bar. Today, during a Super Smash Bros Direct, Nintendo announced several new characters for Ultimate, alongside the inclusion of 103 stages.

We already knew that Super Smash Bros Ultimate would be one of the largest cross-over events in gaming history. At E3, we learned that all 64 characters from every past game in the series would be returning. However, with Ultimate, Nintendo has also announced the inclusion of characters from Castlevania. Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont are joining the character roster as fighters, meanwhile Dracula will show up as a stage boss every so often. Alucard will appear as an assist trophy.

Chrom from the Fire Emblem series and Dark Samus from Metroid will also be showing up as Echo characters. Finally, King K.Rool from Donkey Kong will also be part of the character roster.

In Smash Bros Ultimate, players will have 103 stages to choose from, which is almost double the amount found on Smash Bros Wii U. You'll also be able to turn on ‘stage morphing', which will show the stage switch out with a new one in the middle of a match. Most stages will feature a new brushed up look, but stages from the original Nintendo 64 version of Smash Bros will retain their classic look.

Nintendo is including a 3V3 and 5V5 elimination mode for tournaments. Players will have 28 hours worth of music tracks to pick from, but you won't be able to play just any theme music on any stage. When it comes to choosing music, the library you have available will be tied to the stage and the franchise it comes from. For instance, if you are playing a stage from The Legend of Zelda series, then you'll be able to pick any track from that series.

There is a ton more detail to get into for hardcore Super Smash fans, including changes to the Final Smash mechanic, the game's main menu, new assist trophies etc. You can find all of it in the Nintendo Direct video above.

KitGuru Says: The amount of content being thrown into this version of Super Smash Bros is honestly quite astounding. Clearly, Nintendo is looking to deliver in spades and have Ultimate live up to its name. 

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