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No Man’s Sky BEYOND launches today

No Man’s Sky has had quite the impressive turnaround over the years. While the game initially disappointed at launch, the team at Hello Games put their heads down and got to work on various improvements, leading to several huge free updates. At this point, No Man’s Sky has better crafting/building, proper multiplayer and the next big update lands today.

No Man’s Sky Beyond will contain three major updates rolled into one and will be the first major update since No Man’s Sky NEXT, which brought in over 100,000 concurrent players at launch. A launch trailer for the Beyond update released this afternoon, teasing what’s to come:

The new gameplay trailer gives us a much better look at the Beyond update compared to the previous teaser. Not only will this update add VR support to the game, but it looks like multiplayer is going to be expanded on with a new ‘massively multiplayer’ social space known as The Nexus, where you can meet up with fellow explorers.

Other new features appear to include new planets, space stations and building upgrades. Hello Games likes to keep a few surprises right up until an update is released, so there will be more to learn later today when the No Man’s Sky Beyond update officially rolls out on Steam. If past updates are anything to go by, that rollout should start at 6PM tonight in the UK.

KitGuru Says: This latest update is looking very promising so far. I may well end up jumping back in to No Man’s Sky myself, particularly if the VR support is done well. Are any of you planning on playing this later this evening when the new update launches?

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