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UHD Netflix streaming support arrives for AMD RX 5700

It took quite some time for 4K Netflix streaming to arrive on PC, in large part due to piracy protection and DRM concerns. However, we have now reached a point where most modern GPUs, Ultra HD monitors and Windows 10 all have the required tools in place to allow for UHD streaming. Now, thanks to a new driver update, AMD’s latest RX 5700 series of graphics cards have also joined the club.

The new Radeon Software Adrenaline Edition version 19.8.1 update introduces PlayReady 3.0 support for the RX 5700 series. For those who don’t know, PlayReady is Microsoft’s own form of DRM on Windows, which is backed by streaming services like Netflix and is required for Ultra HD viewing on Windows 10. Of course, either a Microsoft browser, or the Windows 10 Netflix app is also required.

While UHD streaming support is the headlining feature for this latest AMD driver update, there are also a few bug fixes packed in. Radeon Chill settings will now sync properly with game profile settings when changed via the Radeon overlay. Black screen or flickering issues when overclocking memory with games running should also be solved.

Radeon AntiLag has had some improvements to avoid impacting frame rates in certain games. There are a few other bug fixes mixed in too, in addition to some known issues that still require attention, including stutter in some cases on FreeSync 240Hz monitors.

KitGuru Says: It was surprising to see just how long it took for 4K Netflix streaming to be supported on PCs, especially since PC enthusiasts were amongst the first to adopt 4K displays. Still, it looks like all the issues have been worked out now and there is no major current GPU lacking support. Do many of you stream UHD Netflix on your PC?

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