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No Man’s Sky surprise update adds Exo Mechs to the game

No Man's Sky has been on quite the journey since its initial release. What was once an overhyped disaster has transformed into a positively received space sim with a ton to do. This year, the game is getting another solid update, with Exo Mech suits being added to the game. 

This update previously leaked but it has since been officially announced. Check out the official trailer below to get a look at how Exo Mechs work in No Man's Sky:

The mech is known as ‘The Minotaur' and it'll help shake things up while you explore planets, mine for resources or get into trouble with aggressive alien life. For those that play No Man's Sky in virtual reality, there is an immersive cockpit mode, so you can pilot the mech from within the cockpit, rather than in third-person.

As you would expect, The Minotaur has a powerful jetpack, so you can jump much longer distances. You will also be immune to planetary hazards, manipulate terrain and collect resources. There is a lot more to Update 2.4, so be sure to check out the patch notes and update your game to give it all a try.

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KitGuru Says: I picked No Man's Sky back up when the Beyond update released but it has been a while since I last booted it up. This Exo Mech update has me convinced though. Are any of you still playing No Man's Sky? Are you going to try the new update?

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