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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has sold four million copies in just three months

Over the last few years, two major trends have taken over the Steam Early Access program- survival games and ‘battleground' games. Initially, the Battlegrounds game mode was a mod, which was eventually adapted, with the same formula being used in other popular games like H1Z1, Ark, The Culling etc. With the game mode seeing success, the original Battlegrounds mod creator decided to release his own standalone version of the game- Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. It's paying off big time too, with four million copies sold.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has been available for around three months and people have jumped at the chance to support the original mod creator, with the game already shipping four million copies. Beyond that, the game will be heading to Xbox later this year, opening the door for millions of new players.

During its time on the market, PUBG has received plenty of updates and while we don't know exactly how long the game will stay in early access, the original plan was to launch the full release before the end of this year. That could change, as we often see with early access titles. However, things are looking good so far and the game's sales don't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

KitGuru Says: The Battlegrounds formula has been copied and recycled in a handful of other popular survival games at this point, so it's nice to see the original creator get this much support. Have any of you played PUBG yet? Are you planning on grabbing it?

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