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Project Reality will become a standalone title

Project Reality, a mod that took eight years of hard labour on various game engines to create, is now set to grow from a simple mod to a whole standalone title focusing on realism, immersion and teamwork. All too often those types of shooters end up being tactless affairs with teams just running around and shooting whatever moves, but something tells me this one could be a bit different.

The standalone title will be free to play and continue to be based on mods for Arma 2 and Battlefield, but will be built within Cryengine 3 so it will be quite graphically intensive. Development began early last year and closed testing is expected to start in the next two months, with the upcoming alpha featuring three of the game maps. The team is currently working on more maps with one of them being based on Sant Elm in the Balearic Islands of Spain.

Teams available will include: USA, UK, Israel, Germany, Russia, China and Canada armed forces.


If you feel you might have something to offer the dev team, applications to become a part of the development team are currently being accepted.

KitGuru Says: A free to play game based on Cryengine 3 is bound to be pretty. If the team work is implemented well it could turn out to be a great game. Would you like to see team based games implemented better into shooters?

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