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Rainbow Six Siege hits all-time high player record as Year Three commences

Rainbow Six Siege is just entering its third year on the market and it looks like Ubisoft's consistent content updates are paying off well. This week, Rainbow Six Siege saw huge growth, setting a new concurrent player record for the game on PC.

Previously, Rainbow Six Siege's peak concurrent player record was 125,000 on Steam. However, following the recent Operation Chimera update, the game hit 176,856 concurrent players, which is a very impressive jump. Better yet, this is just the data from Steam, and doesn't count the number of players also online via uPlay, with that in mind, it seems that Rainbow Six Siege is only getting bigger and better over time.


Rainbow Six Siege first released in December 2015 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Across all three platforms, Ubisoft has garnered up more than 27 million players in total. This figure may count free trial players, but nevertheless, there is clearly still a lot of interest in this game.

KitGuru Says: Back in the day, Counter-Strike: Source was my go-to shooter. Nowadays, CS has very much been replaced by Rainbow Six Siege for me. The continued support from Ubisoft helps with that, as there is always new content on the way. If things continue like this, then we could see Siege stick around for a very long time. Are many of you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? How often do you jump in?

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