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Rainbow Six Siege insider leaks new operator details and teases Year 5 plans

Rainbow Six Siege has had an incredible run, proving that you don't need large-scale warfare or a yearly sequel to be a successful multiplayer shooter. We are nearing the announcement for the game's fourth and final season of the year, wrapping up Year 4 content. The proper unveiling is due on November 10th but one notable leaker has put out some details early, in addition to teasing content plans for Year 5.

Kormora has consistently leaked Rainbow Six Siege details on the Resetera forums for a while now, including one particularly big leak that unveiled details on every operator planned for Year 4. In their latest post, we are given new details on the two operators being released to cap off 2019, one of which will be an Indian attack character, while the other is a Kenyan defensive operator.

The new attacking operator will reportedly use a bolt action rifle as their main gun, while their unique gadget is a grenade launcher of sorts, with the ability to charge up and destroy gadgets within range. The new defending operator seems to be similar to Jäger, with their unique gadget being an anti-grenade device. The key difference seems to be that while Jäger's defensive system deactivates grenades before detonation, this new operator's device will suck grenades in and trigger them.

Those are the details we have for now, but more concrete information on this year's final operators should start to slip out over the next week, as Ubisoft will be making official announcements next weekend to coincide with the Rainbow Six Siege: Tokoname Pro League Season 10 Finals.

As we head towards 2020, Rainbow Six Siege developers will also be preparing the seasonal content plan for Year 5. We don't have concrete details on new operators coming next year, but Kormora's inside source did spill some details on some operator ideas that have been floating around for a long time. Some of these operators were intended for previous seasons but engine issues held back development. Some of these older ideas are seemingly being revisited as developers look to settle on a plan for Year 5 content.

Some of these operator ideas include a medical drone operator, an operator with a stun-shield that knocks back people standing in the way, a flamethrower operator etc. However, nothing is set in stone yet, with much of the focus still being on finishing up the final season of Year 4 content.

Other changes are being explored for future patches that will effect current operators. For starters, all defence operators are apparently getting a new alarm gadget while attack operators may get a small thermite charge, both of which will be optional gadgets for your loadout. Tachanka is apparently being reworked to “no longer need his turret” and Finka might be adjusted to become a proper medical operator at some point. Finally, developers are also exploring the idea of making wall reinforcements adjustable, with the option of full height or half height but nothing has been decided for sure.

KitGuru Says: Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the best multiplayer shooters of the generation thanks to the yearly content updates instead of unnecessary sequels. Year 5 seems to be happening, although with next-gen consoles on the horizon, I imagine Rainbow Six Siege 2 will be discussed at some point in the next few years.

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