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Rainbow Six Siege Year Two DLC delayed while technical issues are resolved

Those of you who were waiting on the release of new operators for Rainbow Six Siege are going to need to wait a bit longer. This week, Ubisoft announced that it would be delaying its ‘season 2' DLC and will instead be implementing something known as ‘Operation Health', which is essentially the developers taking the time over the next three months to fix any Siege technical issues.

Players of Rainbow Six Siege on both console and PC have had complaints about the game's matchmaking, servers and issues with hit registration for some time now. As someone who still plays Siege quite regularly both on Xbox and PC, I can say these issues are still quite prevalent in the game.

The goal with project health is to increase server tick rates, improve hit registration and add one-step matchmaking, allowing players to get in to new games faster and improve flow.

The next DLC was supposed to focus on Poland's special ops. However, due to this roadmap change, these planned operators no longer have a dedicated season. Hong Kong will still be released as part of season three, while South Korea operators will be released in November as part of season four.

Poland ops no longer have a dedicated season. Right now, Ubisoft appears to be planning to slot them in somewhere between season three and four. Unfortunately, this major roadmap change also means that we will only be getting three new maps for the game during its second year, rather than four. Since one of these maps has already been released, there will only be two more maps this year.

KitGuru Says: While Rainbow Six Siege does have some problems, I didn't think they were drastic enough to need a three month break from producing other content. I can't imagine Year Two season pass buyers are going to be too pleased about the situation but hopefully Ubisoft makes it count.

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