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Recent Xbox cloud game listings were due to a bug, Microsoft claims

Earlier this week, fans spotted that many top-selling games on Xbox had their store pages updated to indicate cloud streaming support. Now, Microsoft is claiming that this was a bug, which has now been fixed. 

In response to reports, Microsoft told Eurogamer that the cloud streaming options advertised were a result of a ‘bug'. The same bug also saw some games as listed for Game Pass. With that in mind, we can now rule out GTA V, Elden Ring and Soul Hackers 2 for Game Pass (for the time being).

While this may have been a bug, Microsoft did not explicitly deny the theory that the bug occurred as a result of changes made in preparation to allow users to stream the digital Xbox games they own via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Currently, you can only stream select titles on Xbox Game Pass via xCloud servers, but Microsoft announced plans in June to open it up to support digital games you own.

This opens the door for players to instantly get into a new game and try it out, rather than waiting for a lengthy download. However, this is only really an option to those who have a very fast and stable network with minimal latency.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft has confirmed its plans for Gamescom, so we should get more official news from Xbox then. 

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