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Remedy’s Max Payne remakes are entering production

Last year, Remedy reached an agreement with Rockstar, allowing the studio to remake the first two Max Payne games, originally developed by Remedy. Now over a year later, Remedy has provided an update, confirming that the games are ready to enter production.

Remedy is pretty good about providing updates to investors on its in-development projects. In the latest investor report, Remedy gave updates on all of its upcoming projects. For starters, the Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake project has progressed to ‘Production Readiness', meaning the project has gone through pre-production, scope and design principles have been settled on and now, they can build out the team to create the game.

The sequel to Control is also in the works but is still in the proof-of-concept stage, with a small team of developers prototyping ideas for the next game and figuring out the foundation. Apparently, Control 2 is expected to remain at this point “for the next few quarters”, so it will be quite a while before we see this game come to fruition.

Aside from its usual single-player games, Remedy is also experimenting with multiplayer ideas in Project Condor and Project Vanguard. Condor is set to be a co-op focused game and is now ready to move into full production. Vanguard on the other hand is still in the proof-of-concept stage but should be production-ready next year.

KitGuru Says: Remedy is one of my favourite independent studios. Control and Alan Wake 2 both offered excellent experiences and it will be great to see Max Payne in the spotlight again decades later.

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