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Remedy’s Max Payne remakes are entering production

Last year, Remedy reached an agreement with Rockstar, allowing the studio to remake the first two Max Payne games, originally developed by Remedy. Now over a year later, Remedy has provided an update, confirming that the games are ready to enter production. Remedy is pretty good about providing updates to …

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Alan Wake 2 may have a Control cross-over on the way

Remedy made its plans for an inter-connected universe of games well known with the second expansion for Control, which featured a tie-in with Alan Wake. Now, it looks like this cross-universe worldbuilding will continue with an upcoming expansion for Alan Wake 2.  Alan Wake 2 officially launched last week to …

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Alan Wake II looks to be demanding – PC system requirements revealed

Alan Wake II is on the cusp of release. We already know that the game will be ambitious from a technical standpoint, as Remedy has implemented a range of ray-tracing and Path Tracing settings. It is also the second game to support DLSS 3.5, which features ray-reconstruction technology. Now, the full PC system requirements have been announced and it looks like we are in for a pretty demanding game. 

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Remedy explains why Alan Wake is digital-only

With each passing year we have seen the video games industry adopt digital libraries more and more, with the market share for physical media dwindling. Some developers have taken the rise in digital media as an opportunity, with studio Remedy Entertainment explaining their reasons behind making Alan Wake 2 a …

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Remedy is making a F2P co-op multiplayer game

While Remedy Entertainment has historically been known for developing story-focused 3rd-person action adventure titles with interesting twists, the studio has started to branch out, with multiple new projects across different genres and perspectives. Remedy has now announced that the studio is working on a free-to-play co-op title. Making the announcement …

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