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Alan Wake 2 is targeting an October release date

Remedy has been working away on Alan Wake 2 for a few years now, with plans for a 2023 launch. We don't have an exact date yet and Remedy has yet to show any gameplay. However, that should change very soon, as according to the voice actor behind the Alan Wake character, the game is coming out in October. 

Recently, Matthew Porretta, the voice actor who plays the titular character from the Alan Wake games, appeared on the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast and confirmed he has been recording voice lines for the new game. He says they are “in the middle of working on it now”, adding that it is “supposed to come out in October”.

Given that Alan Wake is a horror game, or at the very least, a dark thriller, October makes for a perfect release window for the long-awaited sequel. The original Alan Wake was an Xbox 360 exclusive and later released on PC. The IP went dormant for a decade while Remedy focused on other projects, like Quantum Break and Control. Interestingly, Control shares the same universe as Alan Wake and in one of the game's DLCs, we see that come to fruition with a cameo appearance from Mr. Wake himself.

At this point, Alan Wake is playable on all current platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation and even the Nintendo Switch thanks to a remastered release.

While Porretta may have overshared slightly, ultimately he didn't reveal anything we couldn't have guessed for ourselves. The lack of gameplay reveal indicates that the game will be released later in the year, rather than over the summer. Given the game's genre, an October release target makes perfect sense.

Alan Wake 2 will be coming out for Xbox Series X/S, PC and PS5. Remedy will likely show off a new trailer and officially announce a release date during one of the upcoming summer game showcases, such as Summer Game Fest, or one of the upcoming showcases from Xbox or PlayStation.

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KitGuru Says: It has been so long since the first Alan Wake released and Remedy has explored a ton of new gameplay mechanics and story-telling methods in other projects since then. With that in mind, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Remedy does with this sequel, and whether or not it will expand on the shared universe idea the team set up with Control. 

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