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Remedy’s Control has officially sold over 3 million copies

Control represents one of Remedy Entertainment’s most recent and biggest success stories, with the weird 3rd-person action adventure shooter amassing a player base of over 10 million. 10 million players does not mean 10 million copies sold, but when it comes to sales, Control has performed well for the studio, having officially surpassed 3 million copies since its release.

Digital Bros. Entertainment recently published their fiscal report for the first half of FY2022/23, discussing the state of the holding company’s subsidiaries. One of these is 505 Games – the publisher behind Remedy Entertainment’s Control. According to the report, since its release in 2019, Control has gone on to sell over 3 million copies and has generated 92 million Euros.

Control was given a relatively modest budget of under 30 million Euros meaning that the title has generated more than 3 times its budget – making it an undeniable success.

It was already known that a sequel to Control is on its way and that the game would have a bigger budget, but we now have more concrete numbers, with Digital Bros. revealing that Control 2’s budget is nearly double that of the first game (with an initial investment of 50 million).

Additionally, it has been revealed that ‘Condor’, a co-op multiplayer spin-off of Control, has received an initial investment of 25 million Euros – though both the budgets for it and Control 2 could increase over time.

Control was certainly one of the more unique titles released in 2019 and with the game being a bona fide success, it will be exciting to see what the team at Remedy Entertainment has planned for this bigger upcoming sequel.

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