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Alan Wake 2 may have a Control cross-over on the way

Remedy made its plans for an inter-connected universe of games well known with the second expansion for Control, which featured a tie-in with Alan Wake. Now, it looks like this cross-universe worldbuilding will continue with an upcoming expansion for Alan Wake 2. 

Alan Wake 2 officially launched last week to huge critical acclaim. Despite some initial performance concerns based on the game's high PC system requirements, the final product runs pretty well across a range of machines and has very scalable graphics options. Now that the game is out, Remedy is turning its attention to future content, with two expansions planned for the game.

The first expansion will focus on Night Springs, a fictional TV show in Alan Wake. The second expansion is equally interesting, taking place at The Lake House, a mysterious facility being used by an independent government organisation to conduct secret research. That sure sounds a lot like the AWE experiments we saw at The Oldest House in Control.

Given that Control and Alan Wake have crossed over previously it makes sense that The Lake House would be used to further intertwine those two universes. After Alan Wake 2, it is highly likely that Remedy's next big single-player game will be a sequel to Control as well.

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KitGuru Says: I'm interested in seeing how Remedy expands on its multiverse. With that said, Control and Alan Wake are distinctively different games, so there may only be so much collaboration that makes sense. 

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