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Bethesda talks post-launch DLC for Rage 2

Rage 2 is coming out tomorrow, which is honestly quite hard to believe given how little noise there has been surrounding the game over the last few weeks. Either way though, Bethesda does have post-launch content plans for the game, which the publisher hopes will keep bringing players back throughout …

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Ark’s second expansion, Aberration, releases next month

Further expanding from its base dinosaur taming gameplay, Ark’s next expansion pits players against a whole host of fresh monstrosities to fight and control on a new, malfunctioning Ark called ‘Aberration’. Players clever and strong enough to survive Aberration will “uncover the ultimate secrets of the Arks and discover what …

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BBC to expand services to many more countries around the world


Despite ongoing issues with license fees and what is increasingly labelled piracy with people viewing iPlayer content without paying them, the BBC is looking to expand its audience internationally in the coming years. Thanks to a cash investment by the government, the BBC wants its audience to expand to 500 …

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WoW patches to start adding more story content


For over a decade, the cycle of updates and releases for World of Warcraft has seen the biggest and most game changing content come from expansions, rather than patches. Moving forward though that paradigm is going to shift, to allow Blizzard to deliver story updates and more on an increasingly …

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