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Diablo 4 gets second wave of Season 2 content and first expansion announcement

Diablo 4 had plenty of time to shine at BlizzCon this year. Aside from a teaser for the game's first expansion, the Blizzard developers revealed that there is still quite a bit of surprise content on the way for those participating in Season of Blood. 

Diablo 4's first expansion will be called Vessel of Hatred and the trailer confirms Mephisto will be involved. Blizzard also confirmed that this expansion will take us to a returning region from Diablo 2, Nahantu. There will also be a brand new class heading to the game – not a returning class, so we'll be seeing something brand new for the Diablo series.

Much of these details were revealed through leaks in recent weeks so there weren't many surprises. Perhaps the most surprising thing is the planned release date, which is late 2024. I was expecting a release closer to summer than the holiday season.

On the plus side, Blizzard does seem to have greatly improved its seasonal formula with this latest season. Players were already happy with boost to XP gains, better mount functionality and the new vampiric powers and seasonal activities. However, we aren't done with new content for the season just yet. Soon, Abattoir of Zir will arrive in the game as a limited-time endgame event, designed for players who have reached the level cap and perfected their builds.

This new activity is described as ‘pinnacle' content, designed to be challenging even for those who can clear Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons or Uber Lillith and Uber Duriel.

Blizzard is also working on bringing old seasonal powers forward to future seasons. For this current season, that will arrive in the form of five new unique rings, one for each class, containing one of the popular Malignant Heart powers. The Necromancer ring is already confirmed to allow corpse skills to happen automatically, something that most necromancer builds were using last season.

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