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Bethesda plans to make annual Starfield expansions for “many years to come”

After swirling around in Todd Howard’s head for 25 years, we finally saw the release of Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield last year. Though the game’s reception was far more divisive than most of the previous titles from the studio, the team appear dedicated to Starfield, with Howard himself claiming that they are planning to release annual expansions.

In an interview with Bethesda-focused YouTuber – MrMattyPlays – Todd Howard revealed that Bethesda are planning to support Starfield in a big way “for many years to come,” saying:

“annual story expansions are planned, already planning for the next one, hopefully we'll continue that for many years to come.”

Considering the discourse surrounding Starfield, it was unclear as to whether Bethesda would offer multiple expansions as they did for prior titles – instead having the upcoming Shattered Space DLC be its only one.

It appears this is not the case, and while the controversies continue thanks to the likes of the recent $7 DLC mission, by the time the game reaches its end-of-life it’ll be interesting to see what the general perception of Starfield is.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of BGS’ plan? Would you like them to move on sooner to Elder Scrolls 6 / Fallout 5? Has your opinion of Starfield changed since launch? Let us know down below.

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