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Alan Wake II ‘Final Draft’ update will introduce New Game+ with narrative twists

Remedy Entertainment impressed us all once again with the release of Alan Wake II in October. The game has swiftly been nominated as one of the best releases of the year thanks to its inventive and unique blend of action, horror and exploration. However, Remedy isn't done with the game yet. We already know of two story-focused DLCs on the way but before that, Remedy will be releasing a New Game+ update with some additions to the game's narrative. 

We already knew that the New Game+ update would introduce a higher difficulty level for those seeking a challenge. Now, Screenrant has reported some additional details about the update. The update will be called ‘Final Draft' and will make some changes to the game's narrative, including new manuscript pages to find and new TV screen videos throughout the world, shedding a different light on some of the events taking place.

Of course, diving into New Game+, players will also keep their character upgrades from their first run, allowing you to hit the ground running without having to worry about levelling up and upgrading gear.

Following this update, in 2024, we will see two DLCs for Alan Wake II, one focused on Night Springs, a fictional TV series written by Alan Wake in this universe. The second DLC will take players to The Lake House, a mysterious government research facility, not unlike The Oldest House from Control. We can expect Remedy to continue fleshing out its multiverse concept with these updates, along with future projects, like Control 2.

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KitGuru Says: Will you be diving back into Alan Wake 2 for a second playthrough once the New Game+ update drops? 

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