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Respawn unsure if there will be a Titanfall 3

While EA doesn't appear to be as worried about Titanfall 2 sales as the rest of us, it seems that Respawn might be, as the studio is currently unsure whether or not it will continue the franchise by making a third game. Titanfall 2 has been a huge success in terms of critical reception, with many praising the campaign and multiplayer changes but in terms of sales, Titanfall 2 hasn't quite managed to match the sales of the original game, despite launching on PS4 in addition to Xbox and PC.

During an interview with Glixel, Respawn Entertainment head, Vince Zampella, hinted that while the studio is happy with critical reception, it is still unsure when it comes to sales: “Titanfall 2 is, critically, a huge success. We're really happy with all the reviews and the positive sentiment. Sales, it's too early to tell.”


When it came to the status of a third Titanfall game, Zampella said: “We don't know yet”, though he also kept the door open by adding that “we'd definitely like to tell more of the story and the universe”.

Either way, it doesn't sound like a sequel would be stopped from going ahead, as EA has said that it is “committed to the franchise” and CEO Andrew Wilson recently defended the game's launch in a call with investors.

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KitGuru Says: The big worry for me going into Titanfall 2 was the userbase and unfortunately all of the reports of low sales hasn't given me a ton of confidence that the multiplayer mode will outlast Titanfall 1. However, hopefully things will pick up as time goes on and more maps are added to the game. Have any of you tried Titanfall 2 yet? Do you think you will pick it up eventually?

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