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Sable and Powerwash Simulator headline in December’s PS+ update

The final PS+ update of the year has arrived. For December, Sony is delivering a final batch of three games to PS+ Essential subscribers, including one PS5 title and two cross-gen titles.

Starting on December 5th until January 1st, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to claim three titles – Lego 2K Drive (PS4/PS5), Powerwash Simulator (PS4/PS5) and Sable (PS5).

Lego 2K Drive is a fairly recent release, having launched in May of this year for all platforms. This is a third-person Lego racer, with freely explorable open areas, as well as destructible environments.

Powerwash Simulator may not be a title that immediately sparks excitement but it is worth noting that this is a game with quite the cult following. It is one of the few 10/10 releases on Steam, with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The game has multiple DLCs, allowing you to clean up environments from famous franchises like Tomb Raider and Back to the Future, and it features multiplayer, so you can powerwash away with friends.

The final game on the list is Sable, which began life as a highly promoted Xbox game but did launch across all platforms eventually. The game incorporates a unique cell-shaded art style that almost looks like a coloured manga jumping out from the page. You'll travel through the world on your customisable hoverbike, encounter platforming and puzzle sections, go fishing in the desert and discover remnants of past civilisations. It's an indie game with a lot of charm and I think it is well worth picking up.

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KitGuru Says: What do you think of this month's selection of PS+ games? There might not be any big Triple-A bangers here, but the indie selection is very decent, particularly Sable.

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