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Scalebound might come back someday, but Xbox has ‘nothing to say’ at this time

Back in February, PlatinumGames publicly stated that it wants to revive Scalebound and work with Microsoft once again. Microsoft had not responded to this at the time, but now in a Japanese interview, Xbox lead, Phil Spencer, has finally commented on the situation. 

The cancellation of Scalebound was a huge disappointment to fans back in 2017. In the years since, PlatinumGames has been looking to patch things up with Microsoft, even going out of its way to defend the Xbox team and admitting fault on both sides. Things came to a head back in February, when Platinum put out a legitimate appeal to bring Microsoft back to the negotiating table.

Months have passed without an update. For now, Platinum isn't saying anything more about Scalebound, and according to Xbox head, Phil Spencer, Microsoft doesn't have anything to say right now either. In a recent interview with Japanese site, Game Watch, Spencer was asked if a Scalebound revival was possible. As reported by VGC, Spencer said that there's “currently nothing to say” about Scalebound, but he did not outright shootdown the idea of a revival.

While PlatinumGames worked on Scalebound, the IP is owned by Microsoft, meaning Microsoft needs to be involved in any kind of revival effort. For now, we don't have a solid answer, but the good news is that nobody has ruled out a comeback.

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KitGuru Says: Years later, fans are still clamouring for Scalebound and there seems to be a group at Platinum that really wants to give the game another shot. If such a move does happen, we are unlikely to hear about it until the game is good and ready. Phil Spencer himself has acknowledged that Scalebound was announced too early and it is unlikely they'd repeat that mistake a second time. 

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