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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice speed runner beats game in under an hour

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been out for almost a week now and in true Souls-like fashion, the speed runs have already begun. Similarly to other From Software games, Sekiro has excellent level design, with interconnected areas that can be quickly accessed. This kind of design is always inviting to speed runners and one particular streamer has already managed to get through the game in less than an hour.

As part of an ‘Any%' run, Twitch streamer ‘danflesh111' managed to get through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in 50 minutes and 52 seconds. You can see the full run below but be warned, there are spoilers for areas and boss fights:

While some Any% speed runs rely on glitches and bugs to cut through areas, this run through Sekiro is mostly achieved through sprinting and well timed jumps, ledge grabs and grappling hooks. Multiple boss fights are also completed during this run, including the final boss of the game.

It is likely that we'll see this time beat relatively soon. As impressive as this first speed run is, there are some areas where jumps or ledge grabs didn't quite land, adding extra time to the overall run. Beyond that, there will be other speed runners looking in to their own tricks and finding their own pathways to get through the game even quicker.

KitGuru Says: Speed runs have always fascinated me and From Software's titles usually pave the way for some of the most impressive ones. Are many of you playing Sekiro at the moment? Are you taking your time with it? Or do you enjoy the challenge of trying to clear areas quickly?

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