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Silent Hill DLC comes to Dead By Daylight next month

Over the years, Dead By Daylight has collaborated with some of the biggest horror franchises around, introducing new killers and monsters from the likes of SAW, Scream, Halloween, Stranger Things and more. The latest DLC for Dead By Daylight is a collaboration with one of the best horror franchises in gaming- Silent Hill. 

Pyramid Head will be arriving as part of the Silent Hill-themed DLC, which also adds a new map and survivor character. Pyramid Head will be known as ‘The Executioner' in Dead By Daylight and the new map will be inspired by the Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill.

The new survivor is Heather/Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill 3. Unique abilities and new gameplay elements for these new Silent Hill characters have not been announced yet, but the DLC will be arriving on the 16th of June.

This of course comes at a time where Sony Japan is rumoured to be working on a ‘soft reboot' of Silent Hill for Konami. Some also claim that this new Silent Hill game will be announced in the next month.

KitGuru Says: It has been a while since I last played Dead by Daylight, but I may have to return to check out this new DLC. Have many of you been keeping up with Dead By Daylight? Are you going to be getting the new Silent Hill DLC? 

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