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Skate 4 gets pre-alpha trailer and insider program for playtesting

Last week we heard through leaks that EA was planning a Skate 4 reveal before the end of June. Yesterday, those reports were proven correct, as EA released a new trailer, giving us a very transparent look at where the game is at in development, and opening up an insider program for future playtests. 

The pre-pre-pre-alpha gameplay trailer for Skate has dropped. EA is very honest about where the game is in development, it is still early days and there is still much work left to be done. However, the game is playable and the developers are making good progress. With that in mind, the team will soon be conducting playtests, giving fans a chance to offer feedback on the game as the developers continue to polish it up and get it ready for release.

You can now sign up to the Skate insider program. When the trailer initially went live, the sign-up page crashed due to the influx of traffic, but it all seems to be working correctly now.

Currently, Skate 4 (unofficial title) is aiming for a 2023 release. The first playtests should happen within the next few months, although participants will likely have to sign an NDA.

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KitGuru Says: A lot of companies, EA included, do a bad job of showing games early. We either get almost entirely fake vertical slice trailers, or a simple logo teaser followed by years of silence. With Dead Space and Skate, EA has taken a more open and transparent approach, showing early footage and providing the right messaging to keep expectations in check. It has been quite refreshing to witness and we hope to see a similar approach taken with future games too. 

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