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Sony begins sending out pre-order invites for PlayStation VR2

A couple of weeks ago, Sony officially announced that the PlayStation VR2 headset will be launching in February 2023, complete with a $549.99 price tag, making it more expensive than the required PS5 console. Still, new high-end VR hardware hitting the market is exciting, and now, the first wave of pre-order invites are going out. 

In an effort to combat scalpers and sell directly to PlayStation gamers, Sony is sending out invites to pre-order the new VR headset. The first wave of invites have begun being sent in a handful of countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the US.

To further ensure as many customers can get one as possible, Sony is also limiting PlayStation Direct purchases to one PSN account per household. Alongside pre-orders, a new trailer for Horizon: Call of the Mountain has also gone live, showing a very polished and high-fidelity game.

The bundle with the PS VR2 headset and a copy of Call of the Mountain costs £569.99. We do not yet know how much PS VR2 games will cost on their own but there is already a good line-up of titles on the way for launch next year.

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KitGuru Says: This headset is a little too expensive for my liking but if the games are good enough, then VR enthusiasts will end up paying. 

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