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Sony is reportedly teaming up with NCSoft to develop a Horizon MMO

Sony is heavily expanding on the Horizon franchise at the moment. Not only did we get a fantastic sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn earlier this year, but a spin-off game, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, is also due to be a major part of the PlayStation VR2 launch next year. Sony isn't done just yet though, apparently, there is also a Horizon MMO in the works too. 

According to MTN and VGC, Sony is working with NCSoft, the studio behind a number of successful MMOs, including Guild Wars, City of Heroes and others, to develop a Horizon MMO.

The game is apparently being worked on under the codename ‘Project H', which NCSoft is currently recruiting developers for. If true, this MMO will further flesh out the Horizon series with a multiplayer option – something that Guerrilla Games always envisioned. At one point, co-op was going to be a major focus for Horizon Zero Dawn, but it was scrapped so the team could focus on other areas. In the end, this was the right move, as Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel, Forbidden West, stand as two of the best single-player open-world games of the last five years.

There has been no official announcement regarding a Horizon MMO and it is entirely possible that the game gets scrapped somewhere along the way. Given the lack of information we have right now, the project is likely still in very early development and MMOs do take a long time, and a lot of money, to build out fully, so it could be years before we see any of this come to fruition.

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KitGuru Says: MMOs have evolved quite a bit over the last decade, so it will be interesting to see what happens with this. Do you think a Horizon MMO could work well? 

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