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Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher is the next Rainbow Six Siege operator

Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher appears to be popping up everywhere at the moment, from Netflix-produced anime to mobile games. Today, Ubisoft also announced that Sam Fisher will also be heading to Rainbow Six Siege as his own operator. 

Operation Shadow Legacy will be the next big season for Rainbow Six Siege. One of the new operators arriving this time around is none other than Sam Fisher and as you would expect, he is an attack round character.

Sam Fisher will be available on attack rounds in Siege and comes equipped with his own gadget that can burrow cameras into breakable walls. With that in mind, Sam will join the ranks of characters like Pulse and Valkyrie in being able to scope out rooms for threats before breaching.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a precursor to a new Splinter Cell game announcement, but fans of the series can keep hope alive as clearly, Ubisoft isn't done with the Sam Fisher character yet.

KitGuru Says: We've seen Sam Fisher pop up in a number of games now, which is cool, but these aren't exactly replacements to a full return to the stealth action Splinter Cell franchise. Hopefully in the next couple of years, we'll see Sam Fisher take on a starring role in his own game once again. 

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