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Square Enix will announce multiple games across July and August

We've long assumed that many major publishers have been keeping some big announcements under wraps due to the lack of E3 this year. This week, Square Enix confirmed itself as one of them, revealing plans to announce new titles that would have been at E3 this year. 

This week, Square Enix had its quarterly earnings call with investors, which was reported on by Japanese news outlets and translated by Gematsu. During the meeting, a Square Enix spokesperson is quoted as saying: “We would normally announce new games at E3, yes. We had planned to have a press conference as a replacement event, but were unable to do so since assets were not complete.

At this point though, Square Enix has had a bit more time to prepare trailers, art and other assets for major announcements. As a result, the publisher will be “announcing new titles individually”, with several set to be revealed from July to August.

So we can expect multiple game announcements from Square Enix in the weeks ahead. Exactly what they will be still remains to be seen, but many will be hoping for an update on Final Fantasy after the success of VII Remake.

KitGuru Says: Is there anything you are hoping to see from Square Enix this year? I wouldn't necessarily expect any news on what's next for Final Fantasy VII Remake, but rumours have been swirling around Final Fantasy 16. 

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