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Star Wars: Eclipse story details leak, game still in early development

Despite the game being years away from release, we've seen quite a few leaks surrounding Star Wars: Eclipse. This time around, we have our first story details for Quantic Dream's Star Wars adventure. 

Through previous leaks, we learned that controversial writer, David Cage, is very involved with Eclipse and that the game is still in very early development and likely at least four years away from release. The early announcement of the project was intended to help fuel recruitment, as QD continues to build up the team for production.

Now, according to the Sacred Symbols Podcast and Insider Gaming, new documents have been leaked giving a few new details on the game's story.

According to the leak, Star Wars: Eclipse will feature a lead character called Sarah, a member of a human-like race based in a part of the Star Wars galaxy we have not seen before. This race, known as The Zaraan, is known for military and political aggression, but in Eclipse, Sarah will be paired with another character named Xendo, who isn't as keen on violence. The game will partly focus on these two characters and their dynamic and opposing views.

If you've ever played a Quantic Dream game, this shouldn't sound too surprising. QD titles often feature multiple characters with different personalities, while giving the player some wiggle room in decisions to experience different outcomes. Since the game is set during the High Republic Era and features unexplored regions of the Star Wars universe, QD has a lot of wiggle room for creativity that would not be present if they were making a game set closer to the Star Wars film saga or current TV shows.

It is worth noting that the Sacred Symbols Podcast notes that the documents seen indicate that the game has not entered full production yet.

Quantic Dream was formerly an independent studio that worked closely with PlayStation. In recent years, the company has faced allegations of toxic work culture and is fighting multiple lawsuits. Recently, NetEase acquired the studio.

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KitGuru Says: The little description we have of Eclipse lines up with what you would expect from a Quantic Dream title. Still, there is a lot we don't know about this game, and it could be years before we see any of it in action. 

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