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Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught expansion detailed

BioWare has kept SWTOR running strong for eight years now, with content updates and story-focused expansions bringing players back periodically. This week, the MMO’s next big story expansion has launched, with ‘Onslaught’ bumping the level cap up to 75 and adding a new story that will send you on a journey across Onderon and Mek-Sha.

The Onslaught expansion is live now and is available to all Premium subscribers. The new storyline will see players tipping the scales in the never-ending war between the Republic and the Sith. Onderon is making its first appearance in SWTOR after last being playable in Knights of the Old Republic II. Mek-Sha is the second new area, a lawless den for smugglers, pirates etc based inside a mined-out asteroid previously controlled by the Hutts.

The finale for the new story line will send players on a Flashpoint mission back on Corellia. However, new story content isn’t the only focus of this expansion, with other new benefits also being added in.

There is a new Operation to play on Dxun, pitting players against Czerka mercenaries, Trandoshan hunters and vicious predators. There is also a new tactical items gear slot to power up your skills and new gear set bonuses to freshen up player builds and add more variety.

The final thing worthy of note is that the previous Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan expansions are also being added to the free to play tier. You’ll need to subscribe for Onslaught and Knights of the Fallen Empire but if you’ve never subbed before, then you have some new content to sink in to.

KitGuru Says: It has been a while since I last properly played SWTOR. Are any of you still playing or planning to return for the new expansion?

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