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Stardew Valley multiplayer will arrive on PC first but not in time for Summer

Stardew Valley may have released over a year ago but the developer behind it isn’t done with updates just yet. Throughout 2016, Chucklefish updated the game a few times with interesting feature additions. However, perhaps the biggest feature being worked on right now is multiplayer, which is still in the works and will arrive on the PC version of Stardew Valley first.

Stardew Valley’s co-op multiplayer is something that has been in the works for quite some time, so when the Nintendo Switch version of the game was announced with ‘console first’ access to multiplayer, many thought that perhaps this meant that the multiplayer update would be coming over the Summer, when the Switch version releases.

Since then though, Chucklefish has clarified that multiplayer won’t be shipping with the Nintendo Switch version of the game this Summer. In a statement the studio explained it would “take some more time” beyond the Summer to get the multiplayer finished up. Aside from that though, we also learned that while the Nintendo Switch will be the first console with multiplayer, PC owners of Stardew Valley will still be the first to receive the update.

KitGuru Says: I’ve been wanting to co-op through Stardew Valley for a long time now so hopefully the multiplayer update doesn’t end up slipping into 2018. Do any of you own Stardew Valley? Have you been waiting on the multiplayer update? 

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  • Nikolas Shea

    If it says that Stardew Valley on the Switch is supposed to launch with multiplayer this summer, and they also say multiplayer will be released on PC first, it gives your article title that “I’m reading false information” kinda vibe.

  • krabboss

    The article says that it will not launch with the Switch version. It also says the Switch version will get it first out of all the consoles, but not out of all platforms. It’s coming to PC first, then Switch, then everything else.

  • Nikolas Shea


  • krabboss

    “Nintendo confirmed the version of Stardew Valley coming to the Switch would be the first console to take advantage of the recently announced multiplayer mode. ”

    That does not say it will come to Switch before PC. It says Switch will get it before other consoles.

  • Nikolas Shea

    I never said it was coming to switch before pc, but it’s cool if you’re talking about it? I only posted the article because it mentioned launching on the switch with multiplayer; which happens this summer. Meaning it would launch on PC prior to the Switch launch.