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Suicide Squad finally gets ‘Part 2’ update for its first season

The dwindling Suicide Squad fan base had plenty of questions for Rocksteady earlier in the month, after the studio quietly missed its release window for the game's ‘Episode 2' update for its first season. Now, Rocksteady has finally spoken up.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League entered its first season of post-launch content in late March, adding a new ‘Elseworld' to the game featuring The Joker, a new playable character, although fans weren't too impressed by the character's design. The update added a small amount of new playable content, with the promise of a second major update half way through the season. That date came and went without a peep, but it seems that whatever was delaying the release has now been resolved, with the update rolling out as of today.

This update is quite light on new content, offering players new gear sets to farm for. In Suicide Squad, all of the gear sets are named after famous DC villains, so you'll find new gear named after Two Face, Reverse Flash and other characters, each with modifiers that represent the villain the gear is named after.

You'll want to test out your new gear up against new enemies, so Rocksteady is also introducing a new Green Lantern-infused enemy type into the game, as well as a new playable mission, “Out of Orbit”, in which players will take on Braniac's forces once again, this time to stop a hacking attempt on Task Force X.

There is no official news on future seasonal content for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The game's sales have taken a huge dip, so the money simply isn't coming in to fund a long-term live service game and Warner Bros executives have already noted that the game is likely to leave a $200 million hole on the balance sheet. With that in mind, we aren't too sure how many more of these seasonal content updates we'll be getting.

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KitGuru Says: Do you think Suicide Squad is at all redeemable? Given that the game is already dropping down to 60% off on Steam and has lost a large chunk of its day-one playerbase, I'd have to think that Rocksteady's best option here is to focus on finishing the offline play mode for the game and then moving onto something else.

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