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Sunset Overdrive is launching on PC today

While various leaks may have spoiled the surprise, it looks like Microsoft and Insomniac Games are indeed planning to shadow drop Sunset Overdrive on PC this week. The game will launch later today with all DLC included at a fairly low price.

Microsoft's Major Nelson spoiled the surprise himself a little earlier, stating that fans should tune in to today's episode of ‘This week on Xbox' to see the announcement. Insomniac has also put out a shiny new PC launch trailer for the game:

Currently, only the Windows 10 version of the game has been mentioned, which is good news for those that already own the Xbox version, as they won't have to buy it a second time. Still, we are also expecting to see a Steam release as the game has appeared on SteamDB.

We'll know a bit more about the game's launch later today when Major Nelson appears on camera with Insomniac's Ted Price to talk about the PC version.

KitGuru Says: Sunset Overdrive was one of the reasons I ended up buying an Xbox One, although I never got around to finishing it on console. Hopefully this new PC version will come with all the bells and whistles to keep us all happy. Are any of you thinking about picking this one up? 

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