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Temtem roadmap now has details on feature updates up until Summer 2021

Last night, the developers over at Crema released their initial roadmap for Pokemon-like MMO ‘Temtem'. We have details on planned content and feature updates up until Fall 2020 and now, the long-term roadmap has also been revealed, giving us an idea of what to expect all the way through Summer 2021. 

The long-term roadmap begins with details of the Winter 2020 update, which will add in another new island for players to explore, 30 new Temtem, another ‘mythical' Temtem, a trading house, revisions for ranked matchmaking and spectator modes, as well as ‘Club Dojo Wars'.

Trading houses will allow players to send and receive offers for certain Temtem trades using an auction-house style system, meaning you don't need to directly interact with another player to enable a trade. Dojo Wars on the other hand are a way for in-game clans to take over the six Dojos (the Pokemon Gym replacement). Once a clan holds a dojo, members can decorate it, collect rewards and take part in tournaments to maintain control.

In Spring 2021, Temtem will reach version 1.0 and leave early access. This update will add daily/weekly quests, a battle replay system, a cosmetics store, an end-game island and console versions of the game. Adding in monetisation for the launch version is intended to help sustain the monthly server costs, though this store will be kept for cosmetics only, like player clothes, emotes or furniture for player housing.

Finally, in Summer 2021, Temtem will get its first major post-launch update, including a new ‘Nuzlocke' game mode, a third Mythical Temtem, an arcade bar, Draft PvP and a battle pass to earn cosmetics while playing.

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KitGuru Says: Temtem seems to have a great plan in place, although some plans may change and delays could come depending on how well development continues to go. Have many of you played Temtem since its early access release? 


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