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The Culling 2 is getting a surprise launch today

A couple of years ago, before the launches of PUBG and Fortnite, the team at Xaviant launched The Culling on Steam Early Access. It was another Battle Royale game, but the combat system largely focussed on skilled melee, with timed blocks and stamina gauges playing a prominent role. Over time, the developers messed with the game a little too much and players started leaving in droves. Now, Xaviant is back for round two, with The Culling II.

Yesterday The Culling II was announced and today, it is launching on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Judging by the trailer, the combat system has now shifted to focus more on fire arms and the map itself looks fairly unoriginal.

The main difference between The Culling II and the competition is that matches are limited to 50 players instead of 100. The developers claim that this will make matches faster, but the new map size contradicts that, stretching the in-game arena over 20 square kilometers.

Whether or not The Culling II will be a success remains to be seen. The fact that the game is launching across consoles and PC at the same time might certainly help, especially over the summer as there are fewer new games coming out until September.

KitGuru Says: I really liked The Culling in its original form, but the game definitely devolved over time. Now The Culling II seems to have thrown all original ideas out of the window, which is a huge shame. Did any of you play The Culling when it first came out? Will you be dropping back in for the sequel?

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