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The Division’s new ‘Resistance’ update expands the map and adds two game modes

Ubisoft has been very quiet when it comes to The Division over the last few months. The publisher decided to focus on regular free updates for Year Two, rather than making new expansion content. That may pay off soon though, as The Division is about to get its biggest update yet, expanding the in-game map and adding two new game modes.

The Division's 1.8 update titled ‘Resistance' expands the map to New York's west side pier, bringing in two new map zones to explore with a new social space. This part of the map will have some new PvE content to get through: “Defeated factions were last seen converging towards the sector and seem to have started working together for the first time. The Division must investigate the area to confirm that factions are indeed forging an alliance and determine the reason for their sudden interest in this location.”

Aside from the map expansion, there are two new game modes. The first is called ‘Resistance' and it is a PvE mode where four agents take on hordes of enemy factions. The goal is simply to survive for as long as you can. The second mode is called ‘Skirmish' and it is a PvP/Team Deathmatch style mode where two teams of four Division Agents battle it out to get the highest number of kills before the time expires.

Whether or not this will be enough to keep players returning to The Division remains to be seen. The game had a resurgence last year with the Survival expansion launch but since then things have dropped off once again. The Last Stand expansion was somewhat underwhelming and Year Two has been very quiet on the content up until now.

KitGuru Says: The Division was one of my most played games last year but unfortunately, the expansion content didn't do enough to hook me back in and now, Year Two has been very quiet. Have any of you played The Division at all this year? Do you think the game is still enjoyable, or is it time to let it die? 

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