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AMD launches Ryzen Threadripper 1900X

AMD has consistently impressed us this year on the CPU side of things, not just with Ryzen 7, 5 and 3 but also with Threadripper. Today, AMD is expanding on Threadripper with the 8-core and 16-thread 1900X, bringing a cheaper option to those wanting to jump up to a HEDT platform.

The Ryzen Threadripper 1900X should be available worldwide from this point. This CPU comes in at the $549 price point, making it just $50 more expensive than the Ryzen 7 1800X. If you are a gamer, then Ryzen 7 is still probably the way to go but if you want access to additional features, like AMD’s support for 64 PCIe lanes, more I/O, quad-channel DDR4 etc, then the buy-in just got cheaper thanks to the Threadripper 1900X. AMD’s official slides show the R7 1800X winning out in gaming but when it comes to productivity tasks, Threadripper takes the crown.

Below you will find two slides from AMD showing performance comparisons between the 1900X and the 1800X. If you are running an adblocker, then these images may not appear for you as they interfere with our gallery plugin.

As a refresher, here is where the 1900X slots in next to the 1920X and 1950X:

CPU Ryzen Threadripper 1900X Ryzen Threadripper 1920X Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
Cores/Threads 8/16 12/24 16/32
Base Frequency 3.8 GHz 3.5 Ghz 3.4 GHz
Boost Frequency 4.0 Ghz 4.0 Ghz 4.0 GHz
L3 Cache 20MB 32MB 32MB
PCIe Lanes 60+4 60+4 60+4
CPU Socket TR4 TR4 TR4
TDP 180W 180W 180W
MSRP $549 $799 $999

X399 chipset motherboards are still on the expensive side, but perhaps with a more budget friendly Threadripper CPU now on the market, we’ll see a few more lower cost boards appear. If you want to see our review of the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X and 1950X, then you can find that HERE.

KitGuru Says: If you need more bandwidth and more I/O for workstation tasks, then the 1900X seems to be the better option compared to the Ryzen 7 1800X. However, if gaming is your only goal, then saving the money and going with Ryzen 7 makes more sense. Are any of you currently planning for a CPU upgrade? 

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