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The FTC reveals Microsoft is already working on next-gen Xbox

Just recently, we heard that Sony is developing a PS5 Pro console, indicating that the PlayStation 6 should arrive sometime between 2027 and 2028. Now, regulatory filings have confirmed that Microsoft is also working on its next generation of Xbox hardware and services. 

The FTC is currently suing Microsoft to block the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a case that Microsoft is planning to fight in court. As part of the discovery process, involved parties have to hand over requested documents and information as all sides build their cases. We've already seen Microsoft request a trove of files from Sony, including exclusivity and licensing contracts dating back to 2019. Now, the FTC is requesting particular files from Microsoft, including documents related to its “next generation gaming ecosystem”.

The codename has been redacted in the public version of the file, but what we can see tells us enough. The file states that the FTC is requesting “documents related to [redacted], the code name for Microsoft's next-generation gaming ecosystem”. According to the document, this is part of Microsoft's “forward-looking strategy for its console, subscription, and cloud gaming businesses”.

We are unlikely to get any further details, as these files are scrutinised and sensitive information is redacted before the documents are made public.

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft won't be talking about its next-gen plans publicly anytime soon, after all, the company still has a number of announced Xbox Series X/S games that seem to be years away from release. Still, it is always interesting to see how far ahead the big companies are planning. 

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