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FTC goes after Qualcomm for anti competitive practises 


It looks like the Federal Trade Commission has set its sights on Qualcomm this week, as a new lawsuit filed claims that the chip maker has been engaging in anti-competitive behaviour and monopolised a ‘key semiconductor device’ used by Apple for the iPhone and iPad. The FTC’s complaint claims that …

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The FTC goes after D-Link over poor security practises 


It looks like D-Link has found itself in hot water with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this week as the US regulator has filed charges against D-Link for putting consumers’ privacy and security at risk with its products. As part of the FTCs current initiative to ensure companies are taking …

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FTC settles with WB over shady Shadow of Mordor marketing


Back in 2014, during the build up to Shadow of Mordor’s launch, Warner Bros own marketing campaign almost completely backfired when it was discovered that prominent YouTubers were being paid large sums of money for positive coverage surrounding the game. While paying YouTubers for sponsored content isn’t uncommon, the rules …

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The US is investigating Google for anti-competitive behaviour

Google is going to be fighting anti-trust legal battles on both sides of the Atlantic, as the FTC and US Justice Department have launched an official investigation in to Google’s business practises with Android, similar to the one European Commission conducted over the last year. US regulators have apparently decided …

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Machinima to settle with FTC over misleading Xbox videos

YouTube network, Machinima and the Federal Trade Commission have reached a settlement, following a string of ‘misleading’ videos from partnered channels taking part in an Xbox advertising campaign. The campaign started off with several prominent YouTubers being given an Xbox One and a few games in return for a video …

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The FTC is cracking down on Kickstarter scams

While crowd funding has done a fair amount of good for projects looking to get off the ground in recent years, we have also seen backers burned on several occasions by trusting scammers. In the past, we’ve seen several Kickstarter creators go back on promises and rip backers off all …

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Sony to pay out over misleading PS Vita launch ads

Sony Computer Entertainment America has managed to come to a settlement with the FTC following allegations of false advertisement during the Playstation Vita’s launch campaign. As part of the agreement, Sony is set to offer partial refunds of up to $50 to customers who purchased a Vita handheld before the …

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Samsung fined for faked online comments

Samsung has been fined $340,000 after being caught paying for negative comments about competitor products and paying for praise of its own. To a company like Samsung, $340,000 is nothing at all but this could damage its reputation. Samsung was first accused of this back in April, shortly after, the …

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