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Massive leak details all-new Xbox Series X and next-gen controller

In what seems to have been a big oopsie by the FTC, a great deal of documents have leaked pertaining to the hearings regarding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. From internal emails to unannounced games and more, a whole boatload of confidential details seem to have been accidentally published for all to see – including the fact that Microsoft is planning to launch a cylindrical Xbox Series X refresh...

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Microsoft and Activision Blizzard could merge as early as next week

This week, a US court officially made its decision on Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, denying the FTC's request to block the merger. This leaves the UK's CMA as the final hurdle against the deal closing and within an hour of the US court decision going public, Microsoft and the CMA announced a plan to pause their appeal battle to renegotiate. At the rate things are going, Microsoft could officially own Activision Blizzard as soon as next week. 

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Legal document from Microsoft claims Sony is launching a PS5 Slim this year

As part of the ongoing Microsoft FTC hearings, Sony is of course involved due to their vested interest in not wanting the Activision Blizzard acquisition to go through. Over the past week a boat load of documents, internal memos and more have been submitted, revealing previously-unknown details regarding these companies’ inner workings. Thanks to yet another legal document from Microsoft, we now know that a PlayStation 5 Slim could very well be releasing this year.

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Both TLOU Part II and Horizon Forbidden West cost over $200 million to develop

With each new generation we have seen the development cost of video games rise. Whether it be due to studio ambitions or player expectations, there’s no denying that video games have become more expensive to make. Thanks to some badly redacted documents, we know just how much some of Sony’s recent first-party games have cost to develop.

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